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Do the VA And Medicare Work Together?

Did you know as a service member you can enroll in health care programs for military veterans at the same time enroll in Medicare? Medicare is a Federal government program that gives health insurance to persons age 65 and above, below 65 and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance SSDI or below 65 and receiving End-Stage Renal Disease ESRD.

The veteran association was developed by the department of defense to cater for the medical bills of persons in the military or veterans. To be eligible for these services, you need to meet some criteria and fill some forms to be categorized on a level of 1 to 8.

Some differences between VA and Medicare

  • You can access both medicare and VA benefits separately. Civilians can access Medicare but cannot access VA health benefits. However, Veterans can access both Medicare and VA benefits if they are eligible.
  • Medicare can only be accessed in a Medicare-certified facility while VA benefits can only be accessed from a VA service facility. Note that not all veterans can access the service. Only those eligible can access the medical services offered in their categories.
  • To access a health service at a Medicare facility, you need a Medicare card to show enrollment while to access a service at a VA facility, you need to have your VA card with you.
  • There are different categories of Medicare packages same way there are different categories for VA packages. VA packages range from the type of medical care you need while medicare packages vary deeding on the payment to be made.
  • In case you need medical care and medicare takes part in sorting your medical bills, in case you are enrolled in the VA medical care the VA service will take care of the remaining bills.

Types of medicare packages

Medicare part A

Here, one enrolls during the General Enrollment Period (GEP). This package is premium free meaning you do not have to pay for this service. A lot of people prefer this package to part B because it is free. However, here one is limited to specific services and may not make to access all the services present.

Medical part B

Here, one is required to pay for the monthly premium package. You can enroll during part B Special Enrolment Period (SEP) or the Initial Enrolment Period (IEP). This service can be flexible outside the VA healthcare system meaning it can be used within a Medicare-certified facility. In addition to this, the government program can assist you to pay for the premium package.

To fully benefit from both packages, ensure you are enrolled early to avoid unnecessary penalties you may incur due to late enrollment into the services.

In conclusion, there is a greater advantage to a veteran when it comes to the enrolment of both Medicare and Veteran Affairs healthcare programs. In case your bills need to be split between the two, you can easily enjoy benefits from both.

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