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Why Instagram Captions Matter and How to Write Them

A caption is a quote or text which appears below the image. Most captions draw attention to something within the image that’s not obvious, like its relevance to the text. A caption could also be some words or numerous sentences. Similarly, an Instagram caption could be a written description or explanation about a certain photo posted. Instagram captions are also comprised of emojis, hashtags, and tags too.…
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Can Instagram Work for B2B Marketing?

When talking about Instagram, one thinks about posting a photo, Instagram stories, and other viral videos and content; more like something to while the day away. But could the social media site be perfect for businesses? Could Instagram hold the secret of a new market? And how does B2B marketing come into the picture? Before we get into the thick of things, you must realize the potential of Instagram. And if you do, you need a professional service company that can give you all the tips and tricks of the industry. Why don’t you contact SimplyGram, the best Instagram solution provider?…
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Can You Be Tracked Through Instagram?

Instagram, the gigantic moneymaker that roughly earns more than USD 20 billion on just advertising and social media marketing, is equal to a quarter of revenue per annum of its parent company (for example, Facebook) or simply it is more than YouTube. Counting upon all social media platforms, Instagram ensures your privacy, so if a person is worried about their activity status, uploaded posts, and pictures. Unknown or offended messages stress from intruder (undisclosed accounts) status. Instagram gives discrete access to the user (account holder), that either you add or edit privacy settings that suit you. So, making your Instagram a private account is the simplest way to lock down the profile and avoid inappropriate activities. But can someone find your location on Instagram?…
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