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The Best Senior Discounts of 2022

Did you know that almost every retail store, restaurant, and service provider offers senior discounts for older adults? If you’re a senior and looking to save on different things, this article is for you! If you’re a senior, also known as an older adult, then you know how expensive it can be to get through life.…
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Education Money Saving

Why Do Companies Offer Cash Discounts?

Companies that aim at making a larger profit from their operations know well it is easier if they handle cash. However, due to the ease of using debit and credit cards, a larger percentage goes to companies that manage this. This is where a cash discount comes in. What is a cash discount? A cash discount is a lowered upfront fee given to buyers by sellers when they are experiencing a cash flow shortage. It is mainly beneficial to the seller compared to the buyer. This does not mean however you should not enroll in cash discounts as a buyer, it will benefit you as well.…
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