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Advertising on Pinterest: What You Need To Know

As we all know, Pinterest is getting popular with the passing days. There are many people who are collecting merchandise from the internet or they pin them. 75% of the ideas that are pinned come from different businesses. Hence the best option is the Pingrowth service.

Is it a good idea to advertise on Pinterest?

Knowing the success of Pinterest over the years, it can easily be said that you should advertise on Pinterest. Furthermore, one should be aware of the fact that if he wants to advertise on Pinterest, the product or the service matters a lot. It also depends on the taste of your audience. Only then you will get the perfect match.

Hence, many advertisers gain a lot of advantage through Pinterest growth service. The best part about Pinterest is that it has grown beyond the real promoted pin advertisement. This is done so that one-tap pins, video pins, cinematic pins and promoted app pins can be included.

Image based advertising

Image based advertising should stand out on Pinterest, which means your advertising should be striking. Your brand logo should be inserted tastefully so that your image doesn’t get affected.

Video pin promotion

One of the features that Pinterest offers is the ability to design promoted pins and then convert them into videos. By this, an advertiser can achieve brand loyalty and brand equity. You still have to make sure that your videos demonstrate how lives can be made better for the people.

Single-tap pins.

In single-tap pins, users can click pins and send them to the content which is where you originated from. By this, viewers get to know about your product and service. Moreover, they can also purchase items from your website directly.

Pins regarding Promoted apps

If a user wants to download or discover your apps directly, he can use a promoted app pin. By this, the user will be able to discover new ideas and items right away.

Pins of Cinematic

When a user scrolls down the page, Cinematic pins get activated. There is a pause when the user stops at an image while scrolling down. The benefits are derived through actions which are simple to carry out and are eye-catching

Cost of your ad on Pinterest

The cost of your ad will depend on the type of campaign you are interested in running on Pinterest. For example:

  1. Campaigns related to Traffic

Traffic campaigns depend on the number of clicks a user does on your ad. This amount through clicks is known as a bid. However, there’s no minimum bid.

  1. Campaigns related to Engagement

The cost per engagement is derived through engagement campaigns. This is actually the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your promotion.

  1. Campaigns related to Awareness

This is your willingness to pay for every thousand people who see your pin. The minimum bid for this is $5.

To sum it all up, Pinterest is a good destination for advertisers who want to advertise their products. There are a number of campaigns you can run but there are certain steps you need to follow after which you’ll be good to go. The best part is the pin feature which helps the viewer review his saved items as well as the items of the advertiser. Thus, if Pinterest is used correctly, brands can flourish their businesses.

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