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Can Instagram Work for B2B Marketing?

When talking about Instagram, one thinks about posting a photo, Instagram stories, and other viral videos and content; more like something to while the day away. But could the social media site be perfect for businesses? Could Instagram hold the secret of a new market? And how does B2B marketing come into the picture?

Before we get into the thick of things, you must realize the potential of Instagram. And if you do, you need a professional service company that can give you all the tips and tricks of the industry. Why don’t you contact SimplyGram, the best Instagram solution provider?

B2B Marketing

You might have heard about B2B marketing but are you familiar with what it entails? Assuming some might know, let’s give a brief definition.

B2B Marketing stands for business to business marketing. It involves the promotion of a company’s products and services to other businesses. Sounds like any other form of marketing? To different it a little bit, B2B marketing targets particular companies who might have an interest in their products or services. They will intentionally increase their interest in that particular company and slowly nurture the relationship to convert the relationship into sales.

And here’s how Instagram can be a great help in B2B Marketing:

Instagram Business Features

Instagram introduced many useful features to its business accounts that can allow you to target particular market niches. One of the most popular ones is Instagram advertising. You can significantly increase your reach by using Instagram Ads. At an affordable price and the right specifications, you can reach your specific target niche and outdo the competition. Other features that can be instrumental in B2B Marketing include automated posts and story highlights.

Positioning Instagram with your B2B Strategy

This works with the assumption that you already have a B2B Strategy. That done, you need to align your Instagram with your B2B Strategy. With the right type of content, you can be able to reach a new audience and create awareness. Later on, you continue building this awareness into a relationship and possibly revenue.

Some of the ways you can do this include:

  • Reveal more about the company. Companies are built with a lot of mystery. Take your potential audience through a tour of the office grounds, the organization setup, etc.
  • Engage with your audience on Instagram. Identify customers who can indirectly help your image grow and share their stories. You can share stories, images, and videos.
  • Creative presentation. Use infographics and videos to attract the attention of your audience. Remember that Instagram is a visual medium and your products must be presented aesthetically.

With Instagram, businesses have the opportunity of making new connections with potential clients in any industry. Consider the millions of users who use the platform daily. They are a rich field waiting to be plucked if you have the right tools. SimplyGram can help your business take full advantage of Instagram and its affiliated resources.

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