How to Confirm Appointments Properly?

It’s necessary for any private practice or service provider, that keeps your business afloat, to be able to provide service or supply goods. This means to get in touch with your clients when needed and promptly. Anyone in business will agree to this. Any office or business needs to be able to confirm an appointment efficiently and properly. Without this, there is bound to be chaos in the office.

With an appointment confirmation service, you can circumvent all this. Operations can move effectively and efficiently, departments can synchronize their activities, and most importantly, more of that green paper will be moving into your account. That said, reading this article could be the difference you have needed in your office/ practice all this while.

Importance of appointment confirmation

Confirmation of your appointments increases the level of efficiency at which you can operate. As you start your day, you know what to prepare for and will not waste even a single minute of your time. This ensures that your workflow throughout the day is not disrupted by anything. You can move from one meeting to another seamlessly.

The confirmation of an appointment is a process that can be broken down, looking at the different timelines to the D-day.

  • Day of the appointment. Important information that you need to take down is the date of the appointment, time, venue as well as the contact details of the client. Once these details are taken down, they should be moved to a back-up site like the cloud.
  • Two weeks to the appointment. This far to the appointment reminds the client of the meeting and gives them time to rearrange their schedule. An email is the most appropriate messaging tool.
  • A week to the appointment. Get a confirmation from your client through another email. You can also opt to use an SMS appointment confirmation service.
  • A day or two to the appointment. A simple and short message service. If you have a cancellation policy, this is the best timeline for it to be incorporated.  

Emailing confirmations

Ever since its conceptualization, the email has been considered the replacement to the letter service. It is mainly used for official communication and businesses. That said, we thought it would be prudent if we dedicated some time to email confirmations.

The difference between email confirmations and phone ones is the severity behind it. Emails are considered official communication that is put down in writing. Receiving an email confirmation from your client means that they are taking this appointment seriously and that they will be available.


Confirming appointments should be included in the policy of any business or practice. If you have found gaps in your company, we recommend that you be intentional about the appointment confirmation process. Develop a process that works for your company and train the staff on it.

You will harvest the fruits of the effort you put into this.

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