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How do I bill Medicare physical therapy?

Billing is one of the most important aspect of any service. Like all services, medical treatment is also one that involves a series of steps that we might not be necessarily exposed to. What we think is an ordinary visit to the doctor is actually one that involves some steps that are not in our knowledge. For us paying a visit to the doctor is simply the task of moving from our homes or offices to the clinic, paying for the service and having ourselves checked by the doctors. Lastly, if there is something wrong with us, some medicine is prescribed and we go buy that medicine. However, behind the scenes of physical therapy, everything from the transaction to the final payment is very critical. And that is where the physical therapy medical billing service comes into play.

What does a medical biller do?

The medical biller is someone who is directly responsible for ensuring that the insurance companies that cover the patient’s expenses provides the payment on time and also ensures that the services being offered by the doctor or the medical care expert are according to what was promised firsthand. The medical biller collects all the important information that is required in different scenarios. This information can actually vary from patient to patient but usually involves medical essentials like patient’s medical history, the doctor’s expertise, the expenses to be bared by the insurance company and finally the nature of the checkup that is to be done. Once this information is collected, it is compiled in the form of a bill that is directly passed on to the insurance company. If the issued bill has some sort of error or is inaccurate in any shape or form, it is rejected straight away and the medical biller is held responsible for the error. In such a scenario, the medical biller is the one who amends the bill and sends it to the insurance company again.

How do I bill Medicare physical therapy?

For physical therapists, medical billing may be slightly different. For starters, this is known as physical therapy medical billing. The medical bill in this scenario is based on a few key elements.

Billable Time

This is the first element that basically narrates the time spent in treating a patient. Once the billable time is calculated, it is written and drafted on to the bill and the final bill is issued according to this time.

One on One Vs Group Services

Group of Mature Healthy People

The bill’s amount may differ in the scenario of group service or one on one service. If a therapist is looking at more than one patient at a time, the bill will obviously be greater than it would be otherwise.


By being credentialed by an insurance company allows the therapist to become a massive in-network provider that would ultimately help the therapists gain more and more customers since this adds to the authenticity of the medical care person.


Reevaluations may occur in some situations particularly when a mistake is made by the medical biller or when a significant deterioration occurs with respect to the patient’s overall condition.

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