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Does Your Colon Need Cleaning?

Colon cleaning also known as a colonoscopy is a medical treatment that has gained fame over the years. Partly, it is due to the increased cases of colon problems over the years which come as a result of poor dietary habits and overall, the type of lifestyles lead by a huge percentage of our population. Due to that, there are some myths that have sprung up over the years with regards to the process. Well, we seek to clarify some of them in this article.

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What is a colon cleanse?

A colonoscopy involves the passing of fluids through the colon to remove the buildup of the waste present. The rationale and the benefits behind are based on the idea that there is a digestive waste present in your colon, which is toxic to your body.

The process is performed by a colonic hygienist who sends approximately 15 gallons of fluid through a tube into your rectum. The toxins will be removed together with the fluid using a different tube. The process is repeated severally for effective treatment.

The patient is typically requested to lie on their stomach while the process.

The benefits of colon cleansing

Enthusiasts, doctors, and practitioners of colon cleansing opine that you stand to gain a number of benefits from having your colon cleansed. Some of the suggested benefits of colon cleansing include weight loss, better digestion, and increased bowel movement. Patients with gastrointestinal problems are some who have undergone colon cleansing in the past.

A word of caution

Despite the benefits to be gained by colon cleansing, there are a number of possible risks that have been associated with colon cleansing. We have outlined some of them below.

One of the risks of having a colon cleansing is a bacterial imbalance in the colon. Typically, the colon has a number of bacteria and catalytic compounds which help in the digestion of food. They exist in a ph-sensitive environment whose imbalance could be quite destructive. Colon cleanses make use of fluids that have some chemicals dissolved in them. The interaction of the fluid and the environment of your colon could lead to an imbalance of your system and the death of certain electrolytes in your body such as sodium and potassium.


We recommend that if you are in need of a colon cleansing that you consult a registered and experienced colonic hygienist. There have been a number of recently reported cases of patients whose digestive tracts were damaged.

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