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Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Newb When Playing Poker

Have you been to a casino and everyone can tell it is your first time playing just by the way you hold your cards? This can put you at risk, as it is easier to lose a game or be manipulated into making the wrong moves.

This article will highlight some tips you can use that will not put you in the newb spotlight.

Practice online

Go through gaming sites that people play poker from. This way, you will learn how the game is played, a few rules to guide you, and have a practicing ground.

Other sites will allow you to play with others and communicate virtually. This will also help you familiarize yourself with the actual game when playing.

Know the rules of the game

One way you can easily sell yourself out as someone who has never played is by failing to follow the rules of the game. There are many ways you can learn game rules, such as asking someone who is a pro at the game to train you, reading the rules given out from a game manual, and doing online research.

Rules will help you improve your strategies, point out mistakes you have done, and make moves that could help you win.

Learn your vocabulary

When playing any game, there are names given to movements, equipment, and players. Sharpen your knowledge by knowing what terms to use where. If you call out the wrong gaming tool, players will know you do not know what you are talking about and might take the moment to ensure you lose the game.

Know common words such as button, which is a chip that indicates the position of a dealer on the table, call, which means to make a bet equivalent to a raise, check, community cards, and flop which are the first three community cards flipped at the same time.

Always leave your cards on the table and insight

This is to avoid being skipped by the dealer. If you put your cards under the table, the dealer will assume you are no longer interested in the game and skip you. This also shows you are playing an honest game and you do not have anything to hide from the other players.

Always pay attention

Poker is a game that requires one to be very attentive or else you will be scammed. When on the table, be attentive when it is your turn and know what moves to make. If you are accompanied by a friend, ask them to look out for you so that you play a fair and genuine game.

If you are gambling and it is your first time, be careful as well to know the progress of the game and follow the odds. Players are always attentive, and so is the poker scout.

In conclusion, be always on the lookout when playing, whether it is your first time or not.

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