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Why Educators Are Using Instagram

As an immensely popular social network platform, Instagram has delved into numerous areas of human activities, and the education sphere is not an exception. Many educational institutes maintain an Instagram presence, which has many benefits for the people associated with the institute.

For an account on Instagram, it is essential to gain a reasonable following, increasing overall interactions by followers relating to the content being put out. The content should be made to gain Instagram followers to the account using organic means to maintain a steady growth on the profile.

Educational institutes exhibit perfectly how to run successful education blog for a better understanding of their activities to the users as well as their teaching techniques. Similarly, maintaining an Instagram presence is also important for such institutes. This article will signify the importance of an Instagram account for schools by explaining why educators use Instagram.

Spread to Newer Audience

The parents of kids aged around 25 to 35 are one of the most active people on Instagram these days. It makes perfect sense for educators to establish an Instagram presence and promote their services on the platform for parents to be made aware. This is likely to engage people with the institute more and may result in a boost to new students being enrolled on the schools.

It Can Help in Showcasing USPs

As posts on Instagram are mostly visuals such as images and videos, educational representatives can showcase what’s unique about their activities by making exclusive and in-depth videos relating to the classroom environments, interviews with the teachers and pictures of the infrastructure and facilities within the school.

Establishing an Online Community

In today’s world, businesses and institutes are constantly evolving into newer and changing environments, which means there is a risk of missing out on opportunities and constant fear of being left behind in the market. By having an Instagram presence, educators have established additional online communities where they can communicate quickly with the parents and students about important announcements and other matters which are necessary to be known by all the people involved at the institute. Updates related to news and other important matters can be presented in a more interactive and fun way, by making visual content that is more engaging for everyone involved.


The parents and students are made aware of the values the schools have for different topics and relating to cultural expectations. And the Instagram page is a perfect way to exhibit these matters by sharing pictures of important events and initiatives the schools have planned or have been part of recently, such as fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and releasing important messages relating to the Covid pandemic and how to stay safe etc. The core values of the schools can be communicated to the audience by the platform.

By looking at the above examples, schools and educators need to use Instagram to provide a fresh perspective on addressing important matters relating to their activities, to stay ahead of the competition and be proactive in their online presence, by maintaining accounts on multiple social media platforms, as per the preferences of the general community.

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