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What You Can or Cannot Do with Aligners?

Using clear aligners has revolutionized the dentist industry. For a while, most of the dental problems and issues were solved through the use of metal braces. Although effective, they had their specific disadvantages to the user. Their weight and conspicuous nature made them quite unpopular. Clear aligners came to change that. Offering the same effectiveness, aligners came to offer an ‘invisible’ solution. But just like any other treatment options offered by orthodontists, there is a list of dos and don’ts that should be followed during your treatment.

Recommended by premier orthodontists from Beforedent aligners, here is a list of cans and cannots do with your new set of clear aligners.

Cans and dos

The aligners allow you to live your life as normal. Apart from taking them out when eating or at night, they should not affect your life as much.

You are encouraged to smile as much as possible when wearing your aligners. It is normal to feel a bit self-conscious. But because of their ‘invisible’ quality, no one can see them and realize that you wearing any, unless you tell them. This will help you build up your confidence for the day you will be flashing your winning smile to everyone.

Cannots and don’ts

It is advised that you removed your aligners every time you ear. This prevents any damage to your aligners. This also involves something as basic as chewing gum. Gum and other alternatives are a no-no. They tend to stick to your aligners and make them lose their ‘invisible’ characteristic.

The feeling of aligners takes some time to get used to them. The first days of your new dental treatment are the most difficult. You would be interested in trying to feel them with your tongue or something external. This is a definite no-no. This may affect the alignment of the mold or cause some soreness.

For those who enjoy a smoke now and then, it is recommended that you take your aligners out every single time. The nicotine and smoke will stain your aligners and make them look unsanitary.

Other important information

You are reminded to keep superior standards of oral hygiene during your dental treatment plan. This requires regular brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly. It is recommended you brush your teeth twice a day and floss your teeth at least once a day. This ensures that all bacteria and food particles are removed from your teeth.

Also, soak up your aligners in some warm water every twenty minutes at the end of the day. This will help them stay clean and clear.

You should also be very consistent with the use of your aligners. Wear them as much as possible to help them correct your teeth.

For any more information on aligners and which type you should get for yourself, please contact Beforedent aligners.


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