What Are the 4 Types of Advertising?

Advertising is among many marketing and promotional forms used for communicating with the people. It is the paid communication form between, for example, the organization and several market places that promote products, the organization, or its services. The advertising might be aimed to be delivered onto the targeted markets with the mass media among which are: magazines, newspapers, television, radio, or other media forms like the internet, emailing, and billboards.

Advertising Types

Advertising consist of several types which are condensed to four main types. These four advertising types are Image Advertising, Public Service Advertising, Product-Oriented Advertising, and Advocacy Advertising. We will discuss each of them separately for more understanding.

1. Product-Oriented Advertising

Product Oriented advertising is refereed to be very common advertising form which is done daily by almost every person seeking to advertise. Any advertising type which promotes the services and the products of the organization or any of them are referred to be a product-oriented advertisement. The advertisement of product-oriented type can offer either indirect or even direct familiarity or comparisons among the products which are offered by the competitors. The comparisons of the products through advertisements are called comparative advertisements.

2 Image Advertising

It is that type of advertising that is aimed at promoting the whole organization, there is no specific promotion being involved. Image advertising won’t be promoting the brands of the company but it promotes the company wholly. Image advertising is used in promoting the company due to the following reasons:

  • For increasing brand awareness
  • Enhancing an organization’s reputation
  • Associating company’s brand with positive lifestyles, images, and values
  • For combating negative publicity that might surround an organization

3. Advocacy Advertising

Advocacy advertising is the advertising type which can also be known as public issue advertising, opinion advertising, public affairs advertising, viewpoint advertising, controversy advertising, and adversary advertising type. It is known to be the advertisements are aimed at addressing public interests’ specific issues. The advertisements from advocacy mostly are produced from the organizations which are non-profit making and its main aim is influencing the public opinion based on some social or certain political issues. The businesses also use advocacy advertising on some occasions for instance, when the business is creating advocacy to either disagree or agree with some legislation terms which affect them.

4. Public Service Advertising

Public Service Advertisement is the type of advertisement which also means community service or public service announcements. It is the advertisement which educates and also informs the audience concerning certain social issues that emerge but they don’t promote any product. The public service advertisements are those ads which main intentions are to improve the overall welfare of the public. Also, non-profit making organizations can create public service advertisements when they want to address some political or social issues. It is not the same with advocacy advertisement since they are freely run without being charged by the media whereas advocacy advertisements are charged. If Red Cross is advertising the part of promoting blood donations, then that will be a public service advertisement.

The above advertisement types are the four most known advertisements which are used oftentimes. They attract our eyes whenever we see them in media and they are used to inform and educate us more about many activities.

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