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Skip tracing: Little Known Tricks to Help You Find Anyone

Are you a debt collector, investor, or someone in search of someone on the run? There are a few tricks you can use to locate anyone. Skip tracing is the process of locating someone’s whereabouts while on the run. One can find information about anyone from private and public databases.

Below are some known tricks to locate anyone with ease.

Social media

Nowadays, almost everyone uses social media to connect with friends and find new job opportunities. When signing up, some people use their real names and other personal details to sign in or log in.

There are different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

With this information, one can trace their recent locations, relatives’ information, and other activities they engage in from their feed and posts.


It is the most used search engine globally. Did you know you could find your information online? This means you can use keywords or little you know about someone to discover more about them.

Google could also lead you to their social media accounts or articles that relate to the person you are looking for.

This search engine can give you someone’s physical address, contact, and recent work information. Note however that this is only applicable if someone has ever fed their information online. These are good leads to help you locate someone using the little-known details about them.


This is a free place to look for information about someone related to their family. When tracing someone’s origin or people you can reach out to on their behalf, an obituary.

Families can lead someone by locating the previous locations of people. Let us say for example you find someone’s relative, and you ask about their whereabouts, their family name is most probably the most common thing between the involved parties.

People finder websites

Did you know there are free websites and platforms where you can pay for subscriptions to find someone? The internet is at times generous to assist you to find information about someone.

For the free sites, you could use keywords to find out information about someone. A disadvantage is that it is not the most effective and one is not guaranteed of finding all the information he or she needs about someone.

On the other hand, on the websites you pay for their services, one pays per user. If you want to find information about someone, you pay for a single entry and if the entries are several, you have to pay for each of them.


This is a public resource. It is a book with people’s information listed alphabetically. Here, their location, address, and contact are indicated.

Normally, a directory is found in a public telephone booth. Nowadays, there are copies of directories in soft copy and can be shared with interested parties. Use the link here.

Directories have rules one has to abide by while using. If you misuse the information presented in directories, you can face court charges.


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