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Simple Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Are you in search of simple and easy to use bathroom cleaning tips? Have you used bleach and other chemical products that acted harshly on your skin? Did you know that 70% of the households clean their bathrooms once to twice a week? Try out the below bathroom cleaning tips together with for a sparkling and nice-scented bathroom.


A quarter of our lives are spent using the toilet. Cleaning this is one of the simplest steps as most of the energy you use is either scrubbing the bowl or flashing. There are several simple steps to use ti clean the toilet:

  • Emptying a can of cola in the toilet bowl. After 30 mins, scrub using a toilet brush and flash.
  • Pour a toilet cleaning detergent with anti-bacterial enzymes and wait for 10 mins. Afterward, scrub the bowl and flash.
  • To avoid odor in the toilet after use, consider using nicely scented flowers or plants such as Fiddle leaf fig.


   Shower tiles

White tiles with spots get noticed quite easily as they are conspicuous. With a place that runs water the larger part of the day such as a bathroom, stains and mold are not hard to spot. Luckily, the below tips work magic on those stains:

  • Use mouthwashes with the whitening effect on the wall tiles or floor tiles. Gently scrub the tiles and wash off with clean water.
  • Heat vinegar to a temperature of 45 degrees celsius. Afterward, spray on the tiles while hot and wipe off with a clean cloth.
  • Bathroom tiles are often soft and slippery. In case the stains are not as stubborn, simply soak a cotton cloth in lukewarm water and wipe the tiles gently.


Considering a bathroom is used more than once a day, the drainage system is one of the areas we pay less attention to. Unless you smell the odor or realize there is a blockage, noticing an issue with the drainage is hard. The below tips should keep your system flowing:

  • Make a mixture of soda and vinegar in equal proportions. Gently pour into the drainage and let the mixture settle for half an hour. Afterward, pour in hot water. The fizzing easily allows drainage to unclog.
  • Use enzymatic drainage cleaners such as Citra Drain to get safe drainage free from chemical pollutions.
  • Plungers are the easiest to unclog drainage with. They however need to be different from the ones used in the toilet.

   Sink and bathtubs

Is your sink or bathtub to stained and difficult for you to clean? Try reaching out for a sparkling sink and bathtub.

There are simpler steps and methods used and have brought positive results from the previous trials.

  • Use the inner parts of lemon peels to clean stains and creases on ceramic tiles and bathtubs
  • Use clear nail polish by smearing on the metallic stoppers of bathtubs, sinks, and drainages to prevent rust
  • Rub some toothpaste on an old toothbrush and gently scrub on the faucet and sink to bring a spark

Bathroom cleaning tips have never been made this easy. The above steps are simple, easy to follow, and the products are readily available. Reach out to for any house cleaning services.


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