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Pizza Hut survey Win $1000

Pizza Hut, the world’s largest pizza chain has provided a platform for it’s customers to win a whooping $1000 dollars, in exchange for an honest feedback aimed at improving their services. This sweepstake is available on a daily basis to just one winner. All that is required is to buy pizza or any other food from Pizza Hut, enter the survey code at the bottom of the receipt at the space provided at, complete the survey questions and stand a chance to be a thousand dollar richer. 


Asides from being an extreme pizza lover and/or patronizing Pizza Hut, there are other criteria that should be met to be part of this sweepstake.

  •         You must be a legal resident of Puerto Rico, Germany, United States of America, Denmark, Canada, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom and Honduras.
  •         Adequate knowledge of English or Spanish Languages.
  •         Be 18 years old or above
  •         Quickly complete the Pizza Hut survey at the given time.
  •         Have a laptop, computer or phone that has an internet connection.


Pizza Hut Survey can be entered through three different ways. There is the online entry, entry through phone call and finally entry through mailing or postal services.



The steps to enter for Pizza Hut Survey through online entry include:

  •         Purchase at Pizza Hut and carefully keep the receipt.
  •         Select the language of your choice and enter the 4-5 digit code numbers on the receipt
  •         Enter the time and date you visited the restaurant, amount you spent, server name and any other information asked of you.
  •         Enter the ticket number if any (optional)
  •         An option to partake in future surveys is given to you, click yes to accept or no to decline.
  •         Answer the questions given to you, remember this questions are aimed to improve customer satisfaction in Pizza Hut.

Here are some video links showing a sample of what Pizza Hut survey looks like: 

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