Is SEO Easy to Learn?

Let’s just say that unless you’ve worked in an industry where you dealt constantly with SEO, the learning curve can seem pretty steep. This is why SEO courses are a thing.

SEO has infiltrated virtually every facet of digital marketing, to the extent that you can’t design a marketing plan without engineering it to appeal to search engines. It’s become the unspoken norm today because almost everyone’s glued to some type of screen.

And it has opened an unforeseen number of career opportunities, including anything that can further the process, from content writing, web design to programming. Learning the SEO skill set for whatever technologically based career you’re inclined to requires a lot of learning attitude because what the world knew as SEO 5 years ago no longer resembles SEO today. So, SEO courses today are geared to be adaptable, in the sense that, while you’re taught what SEO is today, the approach is to learn the basic principles. This way, you’re in a position to see what’s different as search engines like Google continually update their policies.

Is it Hard?

To be honest, SEO isn’t so much hard, as it’s misinformed. The right SEO courses will first give you breakdown of its history, the different types of SEO (on-page and off-page SEO), how to analyze SEO reports and why Google’s algorithm now work the way it does (Hint: too many attempts at gaming the system). But the internet’s the internet, meaning for every course you search, you’re going to be faced with unlimited options – making the selection process all the more difficult. To ease things up a bit, you need to decide which career you’ll be moving forward with – because the SEO courses you’ll see will try to differentiate between SEO for writers and SEO for programmers.

It goes without saying that SEO for programmers are of a more technical nature. If you’re a programmer, it may seem easy, but to a writer it’ll look like gibberish to you. No doubt learning some of the elements of SEO for other careers can help, but it’s always better to concentrate on what makes it better for your specific career.

Note that if you own a website, it makes to learn the various technical nuances of SEO, even if you don’t know a thing about programing. This is because you’ll be in a better position to direct a programmer or designer – who may not even be familiar with SEO – to do certain SEO upgrades for you. You’ll also be capable of evaluating SEO reports, comparing what you’re doing to what your competition is doing. Basically, you’ll be like a CEO, who isn’t specialized in every aspect of the company, but knows the basics to allow him or her make improvements and decisions. The best SEO courses should be able to teach you all these, without you meeting major learning roadblocks.

Bottom Line?

While SEO isn’t the toughest thing to learn, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet, so the learning curve can seem steeper than it actually is. Taking SEO courses can simplify the whole learning process, and leave you well-grounded for a full-fledged career in SEO.

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