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How to Make a Weighted Blanket

If you have trouble sleeping, have anxiety or PTSD then a weighted blanket would be ideal for you. It helps you relax and makes you feel like someone is hugging you, which will relax you and make you sleep much better. In this article, you will learn how to make your own weighted blanket, so let’s start!

Ironing and measuring

Get the fabric that you are going to use and wash it with cold water and then use the tumble dryer. This will help the fabric not to shrink after it is sewed together. When this step is ready, iron the fabric to get rid of the wrinkles

The inner piece

To create a weighted blanket, you need two pieces. Get these two pieces on top of each other and sew the three edges together. You need to make sure that you left one side open.

Making a grid

Put the weighted blanket on a flat surface and start drawing rows of 6 inches apart from each other. Using a sewing machine to sew these rows together. Make sure that you are sewing on the inch borders only. After this step is done, then you need to sew rows perpendicularly but for now, do not sew. This is done to make the grid.

Adding Poly-Fill Pellets

Weigh. your poly-fill pellets in order to see how you want your weighted blanket. You need to do this by seeing 10 to 15 percent of your body weight, then you need to divide the number that you have by the number of grids that you have done. The number that you calculate is the number of how much each grid should weigh. Once you put the poly-fill in pallets in the first row, sew the first row together. Make sure that you sew them well and tightly in order for the weight to be left distributed correctly. Continue to fill in the rows and sewing them together until you sew the last edge together.

Additional fabric

Get some other fabrics that you want to use. Place them on top of each other and place the one that you want to be on top. After putting them on top of each other make sure that the one on top is slightly bigger than the others in order to have space. Put these sheets of fabric flat and pin them on the sides. When they are firmly together, sew them tightly leaving one side open. This might be a bit hard since you have a lot of fabric on top of each other and so you might need to walk on top of it. From the side that you left open, flip it in order to get it inside out. When this is done make sure you trim the excess fabric that you might have left on the corners or even on the edges.

When this is clean make sure you clip the side that you left open. Make sure that it is holding tight and stitch it up together. If you desire, you can stitch the edges and corners all over again in order to make sure that they are tight and solid enough. Now you have a weighted blanket for you to enjoy.

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