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Facebook Metrics Every Brand Needs to Track for Success

Did you know you can track your content interaction with followers on Facebook? In case you are running a brand, there are a variety of benefits you can enjoy by tracking your Facebook metrics. Such include working on improving your customer interaction with posted content for more views.

There are a variety of interfaces you can use to track your Facebook metrics, such as the Vervebook service. Did you know it is also possible to know the breakdown of your audience in terms of gender and age group? Below are some Facebook metrics you need to evaluate to track your success.

Followers demographics

This section includes breaking down your follower’s data. Could be either in terms of gender, age or location. If your brand specializes in male products only, for example, you can tell which of your posted content is most relevant to your target audience.

On the other hand, you can influence the desired target audience via Facebook algorithms. If the algorithm notices most of your followers are males, then your content will appear on the male’s timeline, giving you a chance to win more male followers.



This includes the likes, dislikes, comments, and emoji reactions to your content. With reaction follow-ups, you can easily tell what type of content your audience likes and what types of content are not well appreciated.

According to content creators, the content that gets the most likes is not what they put so much effort in, but one that was randomly created. However, putting in a good effort to bring out the best is advisable for your brand to reach more audiences.


This entails the number of times your content was watched or shared. People are likely to watch content, especially videos, more than once if they are impressed. If your content has high engagement, it will be recommended to other people interested in the same niche.

This also includes the number of people who click on a link. If people click on links associated with your content, it means more buyers if you are running an affiliate link or link to an online shop.


How often do you get new followers? Facebook metrics show the number of followers you gain over a selected period. It could be a month, several months, or the past year. This way, you can tell your most active seeding period and work towards gaining more followers.

Your brand can access a larger audience with more followers. You should keep track of when you gained more followers and work towards using the same or better strategies to gain more followers.

Video retention

This includes the length of time someone has watched your video. If you post one-minute videos, for example, you can tell how long your audience watches the videos uploaded. It could be 30 seconds, 45 seconds, or more.

This way, you can tell the most desirable length of the video to upload. If your audience prefers a shorter video, it is up to you as the content creator to work according to the preference of the audience.

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