Common Questions About Eye Medications

If you are not sure whether your eye medication has passed its expiry date or it’s still in good condition, ask the pharmacist at your local pharmacy for advice. If he/she tells you that there is no problem with using your medicine, then you may be safe from any side effects and complications. However, if they tell you otherwise, then you should stop taking them immediately.

Do eye drops expire?

When an eye drop reaches its expiration date, it loses some of its effectiveness. This means that the amount of active ingredients decreases over time. The remaining quantity will continue working as long as it remains potent enough to treat your symptoms. But once this potency level falls below what is required by law, the product becomes ineffective. It also increases the risk of infection, and the development of adverse reactions such as allergic reactions, irritation, etc.

Can I Use Older Eye Medications On Other Parts Of My Body?

No! Never take old medicines to another part of your body because they could interact negatively with each other. You might experience unwanted consequences like skin rash, itching, burning sensation, etc. Ocular drugs cannot be used anywhere else except eyes. They must only be administered through eye drops.

Is It Okay To Share Liquid Tears Among Family Members?

The answer depends upon several factors including: how many people are sharing the bottle; who is administering it; where exactly does one store the eye drops and so forth. It’s important to consider all these things before sharing eye drops with different people.

Are All Eye Drops Effective?

All topical anti-glaucoma agents work similarly but differ in terms of efficacy for your eye health. For example, prostaglandin analogs reduce intraocular pressure more effectively than beta-blockers while pilocarpine lowers intraocular pressure better than timolol maleate. So, to not one’s eyes at risk, it makes sense to choose the right type of drug depending on patient needs.

Does Changing Brands Make A Difference?

Yes, brand names matter. Some generic products offer similar quality and safety profile compared to branded versions. Therefore, switching between the two would not pose much harm to your health.

Do I Need To Change My Dosage Regimen Every Year?

There is no specific rule regarding changes in dosage regimens. Your doctor may suggest making adjustments based on your medical history, current conditions, age, weight, height, gender, lifestyle habits, etc.

Where Can I Find Information About New Eye Drops?

You can check out ophthalmology websites that provide comprehensive details about various types of eye care solutions available today. They update the information regularly and share latest news related to eye diseases, treatments, etc. Such websites provide useful information to help you manage your vision problems safely and efficiently.

Eye Care Tips – How To Keep Eyes Healthy And Prevent Eye Problems

1) Use sunglasses whenever possible. Sunglasses protect against UV rays which cause damage to the retina.

2) Avoid staring into bright lights. Staring directly into light causes retinal cells to become damaged.

3) Wear protective eyewear during outdoor activities. Sports goggles prevent dirt particles entering the eyes and keep water away from the face.

4) Wash hands frequently to avoid spreading germs around the house. Germs spread easily via touch surfaces. Washing hands helps remove harmful microbes from our bodies.

5) Don’t rub eyes too hard. Rubbing eyes often leads to redness, swelling, pain, itchiness, tearing, blurred vision, etc. These symptoms indicate that something wrong is happening inside the eyeball.

6) Get regular eye check-ups


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